Dr Lorenzo Martinez - Founder

At the core of our transformative initiatives stands Dr. Lorenzo Martínez, a well known Mexican scientist with over two decades of experience. His journey includes creating over 42 patents focused on sustainable development, green energy, and space research nationwide. With distinguished degrees from renowned institutions like Harvard University and a PhD in Mexico, Dr. Martinez holds the esteemed title of the world's youngest CP4 scientist and possesses over 16 NACE certifications. As a visionary in blockchain technology, Dr. Martinez emerged during his days in Silicon Valley at the inception of Ethereum in 2015. His expertise drives Maya Spirits forward, leveraging blockchain to ensure transparency and maximize the impact of our philanthropic endeavors.

Liam Scully - Co Founder

Liam, the co-founder of Maya Spirits, is recognized as the youngest blockchain tech founder in Mexico, having raised over 170 Ethereum for charitable donations. His desire to make a positive difference in the world led him to identify a gap in the Web3 space: the absence of blockchain solutions dedicated to environmental or social justice causes. This realization prompted him to launch Maya Spirits.

Frederic Houinato - Project Manager

Fred is a highly experienced Project Manager with an impressive 23-year career at Amazon. Beyond his extensive professional background, Fred passionately volunteers to educate students in the UK about sustainability and project management.

Sandy Martinez - Head of International Communications

Sandy Martinez, our Head of International Communications, is among the top 100 influential women in Web3 and AI. Her remarkable journey includes being featured at the United Nations 78th Science Summit, where she has made a significant impact, particularly in advancing opportunities for women in Web3 and raising awareness of our mission.

Davide Fontana - Tech Lead

Davide Fontana, our Tech Lead, brings a strong tech background and a track record of representing Mexico in international hackathons. He's also a co-founder of a mission-driven project for good in Mexico. Davide plays a key role in showcasing our global impact through technology.

Eduardo Legenuec - Community lead in LATAM

Eduardo Legenuec, our Community Lead in LATAM, possesses a robust creative arts background and a global perspective. He's a driving force behind the growth and care of our Latin American community. His values strongly align with our mission, and his past work includes significant contributions to community development in southern Mexico.

Peter Macfarlane - Community advisor

Peter Macfarlane's dedication to making a positive impact aligns seamlessly with our mission. Leveraging his extensive experience in Web3 technology and in conjunction with his affiliation with World of Women, Peter strengthens our commitment to fostering positive change and inclusivity.