Genesis Collection

Empowering Change, One NFT at a Time

Welcome to our Genesis Collection, where creativity, compassion, and community intertwine to redefine the power of NFTs.

Making an Impact, One NFT at a Time

Over 170 ETH donated to Integritat has already transformed lives in Calakmul. Join us to keep making a difference.

Artistic Inspiration

Maya Spirits NFTs aren't just digital art; they embody the dreams of Calakmul's children.

Exclusive Art Drops powered by Art Blocks Engine

As a Genesis Collection holder, you get exclusive access to premier art drops with Art Blocks Engine.

Meet Your Companions

Our community shares a spirit of support and improvement, like the ancient Maya with their spirit companions.

Pioneering Change with Integritat

70% of Genesis Collection profits empower Calakmul's mothers and children, thanks to Dr. Martinez's Integritat. Join us in pioneering change.

Genesis Collection


Own your high-resolution artwork image file & the IP Rights
Access to exclsuive generative art drops with our partners Art Blocks engine
Up to date news of the progress in calakmul
Top tier immersive video graphic experiences of the jungle and community
Access satellite imaging of the jungle in Calakmul
Learn how to include sustainability into your daily lives and continue to be a change maker in our Sustainability workshops
Learn about the maya culture, personal development skills, digital marketing and communication skills from global experts in our exclusive Maya Spirits workshops
Immerse yourself in unforgettable IRL Maya Spirits events and meet with the fascinating families of Calakmul

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