Calakmul's significance lies not only in its ancient Mayan heritage...

...but also in its lush surrounding jungle and the indigenous Maya communities. The Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, a vital ecosystem, is home to diverse species and showcases the intricate web of life on Earth. The Maya people, intimately connected to this land, hold traditional knowledge of sustainable coexistence.

Empowering these communities not only preserves their heritage but also safeguards the delicate ecological balance they've maintained for centuries. Calakmul is a living example of the synergy between human history and nature, reminding us of the need to protect both for a harmonious future.

Calakmul has earned UNESCO's recognition for its cultural and natural significance.

Ecological analysis of the 4000 acres we aim to conserve

Our research takes us deep into the heart of our mission: the preservation of these 4000 acres of natural land. By closely observing the height of the vegetation, we can estimate their age and pinpoint areas that are the most biodiverse. Remarkably, these areas, highlighted in darker red on our maps, emerge as invaluable treasures, underscoring the profound importance of their conservation.