Empowering Communities and Preserving Nature for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Protecting 4,000 acres of Mexico's Largest Biosphere Reserve


Calakmul's jungle is a treasure trove, home to diverse flora, unique wildlife, and the legacy of the Mayan civilization. Our mission is to protect this vital ecosystem.

Protecting Flora

We safeguard the rich diversity of trees and plant species found in Calakmul's biodiverse jungle, ranking second only to the Amazon in Latin America.

Preserving Wildlife

Our conservation efforts extend to the 200 unique animal species inhabiting Calakmul's jungle. We ensure their survival and their crucial role in the ecosystem.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

Our conservation work serves a dual purpose, preserving both the unique wildlife and the cultural and archaeological heritage of the Mayan civilization for generations to come.

Climate Stability

By conserving Calakmul and its rich biodiversity, we contribute to global conservation efforts, emphasizing the critical importance of protecting tropical rainforests for climate stability.

Empowering Women

Gender Equality and Economic Independence

We promote gender equality, fair pay, and job opportunities, empowering women with economic independence and improved livelihoods.

Women's Leadership

Our efforts extend to encouraging women to assume leadership roles in their communities and advocating for gender equality. We amplify their voices in decision-making processes and policy discussions.

Well-being and Access to Healthcare

We work towards enhancing women's well-being by promoting access to healthcare services, nutrition, and support systems.

Improved Living Conditions

We assist women in maintaining and improving their living conditions by covering costs related to home repairs and maintenance. This contributes to enhancing their overall quality of life.

Championing Education

Modern Learning at Calakmul Study Center

We equip the Calakmul Study Center with up-to-date computers and software, providing children with hands-on experience and exposure to technology.

Top-Tier Educational Programs

We offer access to top-tier educational programs like K-notion, ensuring excellence in education.

Enriched Educational Experiences

We enhance children's educational journeys through a variety of extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and cultural programs.

Sustainable Initiatives for Positive Change

Meilpona Honey: Sustainable Income for Communities

Our sustainable development efforts empower communities through eco-friendly practices like Meilpona honey production. By creating job opportunities, we not only sweeten lives but also protect the pristine jungle ecosystem.

Forest Conservation and Habitat Protection

We actively combat deforestation and habitat loss in Calakmul's jungle. Through responsible land management practices, we safeguard natural habitats, foster biodiversity, and enhance environmental health..

Circular Economies: Balancing Growth and Preservation

Our sustainable development embraces circular economy principles, striking a harmonious balance between economic growth and the preservation of our precious environment.







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