Introduction to education

Construction of Study Center and Installation of Computers

In Calakmul, we established a modern study center equipped with 20 up-to-date computers, along with educational programs such as Knotion. This initiative reflected our ongoing commitment to empower the community through education.

Magical Dia de los Reyes

Spreading Joy and Gifts

"Dia de los Reyes" in Mexico was a day filled with love, joy, and happiness.We organized a special event for mothers and children, featuring art workshops and sports games, to provide gifts for the children. This marked a significant and emotional day for the community, as they had never received gifts on Dia de los Reyes before.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Starlink Connects Calakmul | Mother's Day Celebration

Join us as we go behind the scenes to witness the installation of Starlink, bringing high-speed internet connectivity to the community of Calakmul. Discover how this technological device narrowed the digital divide, unlocking a world of opportunities for the people of Calakmul. But that's not all! In honor of Mother's Day, we took a moment to celebrate the remarkable mothers of Calakmul.

First ever primary school graduation

In late December, a school was constructed in the heart of Calakmul, now we proudly celebrate the very first primary school graduation of the children from this community. These young graduates have received their well-deserved diplomas and wonderful gifts.

During the ceremony, when the kids read out a beautiful poem, it brought their dreams to life. The poem portrayed the Maya Spirits Foundation as a friendly presence that came to uplift their community. Inspired by their heartfelt thoughts, the Maya Spirits Foundation played the role of that friendly presence, turning their dreams into reality.


Donation from Erick Calderon, "Snowfro," Founder of Art Blocks

Erick Calderon, known as "Snowfro" and the Founder of Art Blocks, has generously donated one of his masterpieces, Chromie Squiggle #9795, valued at approximately 11 Ethereum. The entire donation will be dedicated to continuing our support for the community of Calakmul.

Donation from Code Green

We are pleased to share that Code Green, an organization founded by the United Nations Ambassador Inna Modja, has made a substantial donation of 75,000 USDC to support our mission. This generous contribution will significantly strengthen our efforts and allow us to sustain our vital work in supporting the community of Calakmul and the jungle.