What is Maya Spirits?

Maya Spirits is a Mexican charitable organization using innovative blockchain technology to address global challenges like social inequality and climate change.

Why Calakmul?

Calakmul is vital for preservation due to its unique biodiversity, Maya heritage, and our mission to empower the community.

Who is Dr Lorenzo?

Dr. Lorenzo Martínez, a visionary leader, brings over two decades of scientific expertise, 42 patents, and a focus on sustainable development and blockchain technology.

What is Integritat?

Integritat, founded by Dr. Lorenzo, empowers communities, particularly women and children, in Calakmul and Morelos.

What is our end goal?

Our goal is to conserve 4,000 acres in Calakmul, establish a circular economy, and inspire others in the web3 space.

How can we see the progress?

You can track our progress through regular updates on our website, social media, and quarterly economic reports ensuring transparency.

How do we help others initiatives?

We support other initiatives by sharing our expertise in sustainable development, green energy, and blockchain to help them make a positive impact.