Maya Spirits is a leading charitable organization based in Mexico...

...renowned for its pioneering work in leveraging blockchain technology to address pressing global issues. With a primary focus on social inequality and climate change, we are committed to reshaping the way society interacts with this transformative technology.

Our mission revolves around the preservation and sustainable development of Calakmul, ranked as Mexico's most important jungle. Through innovative approaches and strategic initiatives, Maya Spirits is dedicated to safeguarding this ecological treasure while fostering the well-being of the local communities and their cultural heritage.

At Maya Spirits, we believe that blockchain technology holds the potential to create a more equitable and sustainable future for all. Through partnerships, collaborations, and the support of our global community, we, as Maya Spirits, are actively working towards this vision, one step at a time.


Innovation, Contribution, Impact

National Award for Innovation in Environmental Protection and Sustainable Infrastructures

National Award Recognition

Our commitment to innovation has earned us significant recognition. We were honored with a prestigious national award presented by President of the Mexican House of Representatives, Santiago Creel, together with Javier Lopez Casarin, President of the Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation, for our outstanding work in environmental protection and sustainable infrastructures.

First Mexican Web3 Org Featured on CoinDesk

CoinDesk Feature

Maya Spirits has achieved a historic milestone by becoming the first-ever Mexican web3 organization to be featured on CoinDesk. This achievement underscores our dedication to pioneering positive change in the Web3 space and in Calakmul. This was made possible thanks to a generous donation of Chromie Squiggle #9795 by Erick Calderon, also known as Snowfro, the founder of Art Blocks.

Calakmul's Heartfelt Invitation: A Priceless Recognition for Years of Continuous Support

Calakmul was delighted to extend a heartfelt invitation to Dr. Lorenzo Martinez, officially welcoming him as a cherished member of the Calakmul community. This extraordinary moment was the culmination of many years of continuous support, demonstrating the priceless value of trust, belief, and commitment. Over 100 community members endorsed this significant occasion, emphasizing their belief for both Dr. Martinez and the foundation.


Our Registered Non-Profit Partner

Integritat is a registered non-profit organization in Mexico with a mission to empower communities. For the past seven years, Integritat's commitment has been deeply rooted in the Calakmul region, focusing on uplifting women and children. This dedication to creating positive change has had a profound impact on this community.

With over a decade of experience, Integritat has also made a significant impact in Morelos, Mexico. In both regions, they create nurturing environments where women, children and young individuals thrive. Addressing critical topics and promoting values that shape identities, well-being, and societal progress, Integritat exemplifies the profound impact that dedicated organizations can have on the betterment of communities.