Maya Spirits ArtTech Summit Mexico 2024

Maya Spirits is delighted to announce an exceptional event at the Museo Juan Soriano in Morelos, Cuernavaca, on March 26th, 2024. This gathering represents a fusion of innovation, artistic expression, and philanthropy, delving into the transformative potential of blockchain and digital art for a brighter future for all.

What to Expect

Prepare for an inspiring event with distinguished speakers, including Young Global Leader and UN Ambassador Inna Modja, Head of Innovation of Mexico Javier Lopez Casarin, digital artist Fahad Karim, Scientist and Maya Spirits Founder Dr. Lorenzo Martinez, Secretary of Economic Development in Mexico Dra. Cecilia Rodriguez, Philanthropist Rocio Harispuru, and the Majesty of Law in Quintana Roo, Antonio Leon.

This exceptional gathering of minds aims to discuss global challenges and explore a range of solutions during the summit; envisioning an equitable and bright future for all.

Artist Showcase

We’re thrilled to feature digital art pieces by global artists throughout the museum, powered by our esteemed partners in the digital art space, Art Blocks Engine. This collaboration beautifully intertwines cutting-edge technology with artistic expression, showcasing the profound impact of art aligned with our purpose and values.

Notable pieces include “Chromie Squiggle 9795” by Erick Calderon, aka “Snowfro,” a creative and philanthropic convergence contributing around $26,000 USD to Maya Spirits. The debut of Cory Van Lew in generative art, alongside the collaborative contribution of Andrew Mitchell, both inspired by discussions of our initiative in Calakmul. Additionally, Fahad Karim’s Aztec-inspired “Pohualli” and the captivating piece “Regeneration” by Jimena Buena Vida will be showcased at the event.

The Collective Voices: Speakers, Artists, and Partners Unite

Maya Spirits’ Initiatives

During the event, we will share insights into our initiatives including the establishment of a modern learning environment, our successful conservation efforts within Calakmul’s biodiverse jungle, and the sustainable economic development through initiatives such as Melipona honey cultivation.

Media Partners

Our event proudly partners with renowned media entities, Forbes and the decentralized media platform Rug Radio, both joining us in the charitable spotlight as we continue our commitment to philanthropy and innovation.

Event details

Location; Museo Juan Soriano, Cuernavaca | Time: 1–5pm | Free Entry

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For more information, contact: Mayaspiritsnft@gmail.com

Stay inspired.