Join Maya Spirits at the United Nations 78th Science Summit on September 21st

The 9th edition of the Science Summit will be taking place at the 78th United Nations General Assembly. The key topic of the summit is the finding and discussion of ways to tackle the Sustainable Development Goals by means of modern technology and innovation.

These 17 goals are a call for action by the UN to address great global challenges posing a threat to the planet and humanity. The goals touch upon climate change, hunger, sustainability, education, and the improvement of other global concerns.

The summit strives to attain the objective of enabling science collaborations and improving global science mechanisms, for a global effort at challenging the SDGs.

Maya Spirits will be featured during the Science Summit as an example of utilising blockchain technology for environmental and social causes. The Ethereum blockchain enabled Maya Spirits to raise 170 ETH during their first NFT collection drop. Those funds were in exchange used to support impoverished families in Calakmul, fight social inequality and protect the jungle. The goals of Maya Spirits strongly align with those of the Science Summit and the Sustainable Development Goals, therefore Maya Spirits is being showcased as an example of reaching the goals through innovative procedures. The initiative aligns with a multitude of sad goals, specifically goals 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 13, and 15.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Maya Spirits is deeply committed to sustainability and climate action. They are dedicated to conserving the Calakmul jungle, Mexico’s largest and one of the world’s most biodiverse jungles. This conservation effort not only prevents deforestation but also contributes to carbon sequestration. Tropical forests like Calakmul play a crucial role in mitigating climate change by absorbing and storing significant amounts of carbon dioxide.

In addition to protecting the jungle, Maya Spirits supports the livelihoods of local mothers and children by promoting sustainability. Funds are directed towards initiatives such as cultivating vegetation for the community and producing Melipona honey.

A Monumental Moment: UN Recognition

It is an extremely proud moment for Maya Spirits, as our head of communications, Sandy Martinez will be representing Maya Spirits at the summit. She will be educating and spreading awareness about the Maya Spirits movement and its successes thereof. Sandy, a woman who had just been listed as a top 100 most inspirational women of web3 and AI, is driven and passionate about the cause, and eager to spread the message.

This defining moment is important, as it is proving on a large scale that blockchain technology can be used to create real-world and long-lasting impact.

Maya Spirits is constantly trying to spread the message, as the more awareness will be spread, the more change can be made. Therefore, being featured at the United National is a huge milestone for the organisation, in terms of recognition. This feature is a symbol for the importance of the cause and the many positive effects. The moment highlights the strength of the belief in technology for good. Blockchain and NFTs have proven themselves to be an immense tool for the fighting of global issues on a great scale. This innovation allows for people from all sides of the world to collaborate and join forces to confront global concerns.

Join the Virtual Session

Maya Spirits will be featured at a virtual session, with Sandy Martinez presenting, on the 21st of September. The session will take place at 12pm-2pm EDT.

You are happily invited to sign up and join the session. Those joining are required to enroll via this link;


Maya Spirits would like to wholeheartedly extend its gratitude to the community, supporters and partners. It is for this group of individuals why Maya Spirits is able to continue growing and making a long-lasting impact on the world. The organisation will continuously strive to make a difference in the name of all supporters, who share the passion for the mission.

Thank you for the everlasting enthusiasm and commitment to help Calakmul.