The Evolution of the Spirit

It has only been a few months since Mint Day on 11.11.2022, yet so much has happened. All of our accomplishments as a project are thanks to our ever-supporting community. The New Year will bring us many more memorable achievements to look back on, yet for now, let’s look back at what we’ve done until this moment.

Maya Spirits NFT Sell Out

On the 11th of November, a lucky day 11.11, was the beginning of our movement. The community came in very strong and minted out the entire collection. 3000 Maya Spirits NFTs are now being held by over 750 people across the globe. The Maya Spirits team was so proud to see how strong this community proved itself to be. Ultimately, 171.2 ETH were raised for the community in Calakmul. The mint itself was a heavy challenge as it took place when the FTX crash was announced. People were very wary of the market conditions, yet our community was ready to contribute to the cause and make a difference in Mexico.

Transfer of Funds to Calakmul

The day the funds were transferred was a big milestone for Maya Spirits. 171.2 ETH was transferred to the Bitso cryptocurrency exchange. The Ethereum was thereafter converted into Mexican Pesos. Following the conversion, the funds were sent to Integritat. Integritat is Lorenzo Martinez’s non-profit organisation that directly supports the families in the Calakmul Jungle. The total sum came out to 3,964,256.24 Mexican Pesos.

New School in Calakmul

In December, the community in Calakmul was able to enjoy their newly built school. Using a share of the funds raised from the mint, the team built an educational center for the mothers and children. The center has a multipurpose nature, allowing it to be used for other community events as well. To finalize the educational center, the community was surprised with the installation of 20 brand-new HP computers.

The majority of the community had never interacted with modern technology, thus there was a heap of excitement amongst the members, especially the children. The young ones were eager to start learning how the internet works and were even more intrigued to find out about the wider community behind Maya Spirits. As part of the children’s learning journey, they will have access to educational programs such as Knotion.

Proof of Donation for Holders

As a representation of the monetary contribution of the community towards the building of the school, all Maya Spirits NFT holders were airdropped a Proof of Donation NFT. This was a way of acknowledging the donations of the holders, while simultaneously showing appreciation for the people behind the movement.

First Workshop for Holders on Sustainability

As part of the utility of the Maya Spirits NFT, the first workshop was held for holders; ‘An Introduction to Sustainability’. The workshop was hosted by Nathalie Pannatier, an expert in sustainability and innovation. A zoom was hosted where Nathalie gave a presentation on the basics of sustainability and how to incorporate it into daily lives. Seeing as Maya Spirits not only focuses on social equality but also environmental justice, it is important to educate holders on related topics. The first workshop was a great success, leaving lots of room for personal reflection and the adjusting of lifestyles, making more room for sustainability.

Proof of Integration

Lorenzo, together with his Non-Profit Organization ‘Integritat’, has been helping Calakmul for over 7 years. They helped with plumping systems, health-related matters, and other common problems. However, it is for Maya Spirits that the community fully puts their trust in Lorenzo and his work. This resulted in Lorenzo being officially invited to be a part of the Calakmul community. It took a lot of hard work, trust, and good intent for Lorenzo to deserve a place in the community. This would not have been possible without the contributions of Maya Spirits holders and their hearts of gold.

100 Acres of Calakmul Jungle in Conservation

In late December, the team of Maya Spirits and the representatives of Calakmul came together to reach an agreement about the conservation of the first 100 acres of land named Lote 14 CHE. In short, this means the land is to be touched by no one, so the biodiversity can thrive without being subject to harm. A further part of the agreement was to teach the community how to sustainably utilize the land that is already in use for agricultural purposes. The ultimate goal is to create a green economy run by the women of Calakmul. That being said, mothers will be taught how to make honey, and coconut oil and derive protein from fungus. This will allow the community to flourish in entrepreneurship and will minimize migration.

Celebrating the Day of the Kings with Calakmul

‘Dia de los Reyes Magos’ is a national holiday celebrated in Mexico, focusing on gift-giving for children. As they receive gifts from the Wise Men (The Maya Spirits community) they feel grateful for the love and support of their families and community, which helps them grow into kind and caring individuals. Día de los Reyes Magos teaches children that both contribution and growth are essential for a happy and fulfilling life.

Airdrop of ‘Dia de los Reyes Magos’


Maya Spirits have received some impressive rankings throughout the months, which are also worth celebrating!

  • #1 Most Impactful NFT Project in Mexico
  • Trending #9 on OpenSea Worldwide
  • Ranked #1 on Charitable Spotlight on OpenSea
  • Featured as Notable Drops on OpenSea

Economic Report

On the 15th of March, we published our Economic report including all transactions and actions made so far with the funds of the mint. As we want to change the narrative of NFTs, we want to prioritize and show by example how not to just build a project but to be as transparent and informative as possible. This hopefully will inspire others to do good in the world and make us a point of reference to anyone who needs support.

Thank you.

By this, we would like to thank the Maya Spirits NFT holders. Thank you for your trust and unconditional support. We have a bright future ahead of us. Together we are strong and unstoppable. The community has proven that when they put their minds to something, they will reach their set goals. It is for the pure souls of each holder that Maya Spirits is thriving.